Compassionate Intelligence – A Purpose For Love In The World

Eradicate Self Esteem Issues, In Life & Work
February 2, 2018

Compassionate Intelligence – A Purpose For Love In The World

The ideas that lead to Compassionate Intelligence, being developed and used as a ‘Highest Common Denominator’ within the AgileSelfmentoring theories, practices and methodologies came about as part of the fulfillment of the mission objective, which is the faster assimilation of human knowledge, using human understanding. The eradication of self-esteem issues was a bi-product.

Simply by taking our ‘Self’ out of our named “I’s” we can change the nature of our relationship with new knowledge, understanding and adaptation. The Doubtless-Self which remains throughout life needs no protection from and Little-i’s an we can see any which way we look Little-i’s cannot resist even our unrefined desires.

Do we dare to speak the truth with ourselves or ar our Little-i’s running our life and our careers?

Whatever happens next it will depend upon whether you know yourself free from the ceilings in your LIttle-i’s, as a Doubtless-Self or not.

  • The Doubtless-elf abides and is known intimately, in the absence of all Little-i’s.
  • All Our Little-i’s live in minds with closed ceilinsQuisque lorem tortor fringilla sed.


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