The Truth Is A Proof, Indifferent To Human Ignorance

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February 4, 2018
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February 9, 2018

The Truth Is A Proof, Indifferent To Human Ignorance

Could everybody stop imagining they can have their truth and others can have there own, that is what opinions are for, the truth is for proving the scientific facts of the matter, which are distinct and particular not subjective and ephemeral.
There may have been a time when arguing for ownership of the truth made sense, it was always depending upon the Platonic error where the name and the form were made one. Any summing up of life you do with this foundation now is still in error, although now it has the added dimension of being a willfully ignorant pursuit.
Scientific theories which rely upon truth requires reflection in the present to truthfully extract purpose and meaning in the present. We need simply reflect upon the relative value, meaning and purposes of water in Winter, Spring Summer and Autumn to see that the truth is dependent upon testing the circumstances that prevail.
Understanding the difference between opinion and the knowledge which truth enables is easy if we consider a true story for just one moment.
An old acquaintance of mine and I were drinking some special whisky one day in his private den, when the subject of marital infidelity came up. He declared that he behaved in such matters like a Gentleman, ‘A gentleman never tells’ he proudly confessed, embellishing the story with descriptions of anonymous  experiences with other women including his wife’s friends.
A simple piece of logic tells us that he has both created the moral compass, by which we can seen to be a hypocrite, which last time I looked was not on the list of ingredients for the ideal gentleman.
he is  and transgressed its boundaries all in one simple contradiction. On the one hand he claims to keep to a code ‘Gentleman’ and then implicitly claims that betrayal of his spouse his closest partner in life should remain unaware of the betrayal of her friends and simultaneously be then betrayed by her husband, a scenario that even the most whisky sodden Gentleman could surely see clearly as facts that make the Gentleman claias verification of his bonnifide s s
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