Desire Dynamics – Changing The Mind Games For AI

Eradicate Self Esteem Issues, In Life & Work
February 2, 2018
The Challenges For Desire Dynamics
February 4, 2018

Desire Dynamics – Changing The Mind Games For AI

What will be left of you or me after we face the truth of what we know now, I wonder.
As the truth we surely see, does not take human prisoners, cares naught for human delusion, no matter how sincerely wrong. Entering life from our passionate Little-i’s in an language’s most wonderful phrases, may make life seem significant and substantial in ways, we know now it is not and never has been.
Desire Dynamics serves emergent human knowledge by providing new human knowledge architecture, which enables the compassionate reduction of suffering during human disabuse and adaptation with scientific knowledge.
Serving human knowledge may be one way we can get Artificial Intelligence (AI).  to respect us humans in the future. Honest reporting is about to get more valuable than gold and may sooner rather than later be determing the tragectory of every life from early on. There will be those who can work with knowledge who know and understand that they need the truth as a proof not an insinuation tool.

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