One Door Psychosynthesis – Where Did Me Come From?

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February 4, 2018
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February 10, 2018

One Door Psychosynthesis – Where Did Me Come From?

Beware the names in the groups you agree with, they hold special dangers and it looks like Roberto Assagioli the founder of Photosynthesis, may have seen more clearly and presciently than others in the psychiatry game at the time, the oil and water relationship of Self identity and ‘The in Me’, identity, beyond all naming conventions and groups.

Sincerely passionate groups of people searching for¬† of a life worth living can give you a sense of purpose, meaning and value in life that seems to make belonging to such a group wonderfully desirable. My time spent at the Institutes of Psychosynthesis¬† in Dublin and London were enthralling journey’s for me.

Although it was pretty clear to anyone with any background in semantics and developments since the 1970’s in philosophy of language that seeking a Bi-Focal context within a duality that causes syntactically sound false positives was a bit like ‘Hunting The Snark’, the crew all believed to varying degrees in the Self until along comes the Captain in the 5th year of the voyage and says of course there is no such thing as a Snark.

Looking for your self is a bit like looking for your keys, it is what you can do when you find them that matters not that they are called ‘keys’, and what a key is changes, no an eye could have been a key 100 years ago.

The right intuition the wrong level as they say, although you know, they know, we know, you can’t get to the right place on the wrong path when the goal and the path are one. Naming some ‘Me’ as manifold I’s and the relationship between these names and my experience of me becomes the context for some Self discovery is an absurdity built within a simple naming error.

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