The Challenges For Desire Dynamics

Desire Dynamics – Changing The Mind Games For AI
February 3, 2018
The Truth Is A Proof, Indifferent To Human Ignorance
February 4, 2018

The Challenges For Desire Dynamics

Desire Dynamics provides a completely new, scientifically sound approach to faster stress free human knowledge assimilation and enthusiastic agile adaptation.

A key goal of the research that went into providing the model is to understand, with greater more inclusively awareness, what we know already privately and for this new knowledge to guide our enthusiastic adaptation in the personal and professional roles we inhabit in life and work.

Many of the obstacles and issues which have been identified as inherently regressive and reactionary to new knowledge in human behavior, have been identified directly by this new approach which was designed for bright healthy minds.

  • The Self in self-identity tends to be lumped in with the ‘I’ and the consequences of this include the ceilings in the minds of individuals and groups with this tendency.

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